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What’s the craziest thing you have ever done to buy more Zerps?

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Break my daughters (she is 4) piggy bank few days ago...... bought 433 zerps....... She would not have forgiven me if it wasn’t for the paw patrol toys I got for her later (which comes from her p

Sold Mr. Mittens.  He was sad, but I think he understands.  Gotta have my Zerps.

I don't look great in fishnets, but...

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Got a nice refund from the taxman last week ,totally unexpectedly:D got exactly the amount I needed to double my stash. Spent the whole week firstly trying really hard to consider other investments besides crypto, then finally I admitted to myself all I really want are zerps , so decided to spread my buys over the next 3 months. Then last night I got a bit stoned and said f***it and went all in. I'm now at double my original target , but since this was a boon I'm gonna keep buying whenever I can, who needs disposable income right. 

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4 hours ago, Raz said:

I think after everything, expenses and whatnot, we ended up around 10k. Amazing dogs too. Our families have been very happy with them!



Beautiful pup right there. They are my favorite breed and in my opinion the best all around dog one could ever want. 


This is my boy. He's my bestest pal. And no...that's not my house with the brick and graffiti lol.




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I liquidated my Ameritrade and Vanguard accounts and rolled everything I had into XRP.

I also began GPU mining to convert whatever I could make into XRP after the cost of electricity (about $10/day right now).

I have been very loosely floating the idea of walking away from a Condo deal I'm locked into (but keeps getting delayed) to roll my deposit ($45k) into XRP and just finding a place to rent.




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On 12/03/2018 at 3:19 AM, eb6x7 said:

I gathered my young children at the beginning of December 2017 to announce the TERRIBLE news and to explain to them that for a few days father Christmas was DEAD so the father Christmas less is more xrp ..... it was a painful moment and difficult but they will thank me later (well I hope!)

Tell your kids they will x10 their presents in December 2018 by forgoing December 2017.  They not only get more presents, but learn some lessons in delaying gratification and investing in the right asset - all round good parenting in my book :D

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