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Mexican banks will be allowed to use some cryptos


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8 minutes ago, OzAlphaWolf said:

Cuallix isn't a bank, they're only a money transfer service. I'm guessing they wouldn't be authorised for deposit-taking and lending, etc. 

If they are then they haven't registered with the State of Texas Department of Banking or registered as a domestic or foreign entity with the Texas Secretary of State. 




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Mexican here who read the Fintech Initiative Law. The law regulates 2 types of Fintech companies: crowdfunding and electronic payments, it doesn't say anything about crypto regulations as a currency or a payment method. What the picture shows is legit, the central bank will allow what crypto are "valid" but won't give currency status... so what's the point

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1 hour ago, OzAlphaWolf said:

I couldn't find this on google so maybe it's from a subscription wire service. Thanks to @TplusZero for sharing.

The Mexico central bank will decide which cryptos are allowed for transactions. 


This bodes well for XRP.


Hey - yes, this is coming from Bloomberg (closed information/subscription system, so I could only share the screenshot).

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