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Ripple Could Be The Next Bitcoin

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Overall positive article - "Ripple just might be the catalyst in making cryptocurrency more mainstream"

Talks about the lack of Fiat to XRP and the intermediary step of going through BTC or ETC causing higher demand for those and cementing their position as top two.


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Shidan Gouran (president of Global blockchain technologies) is an idiot;


“Ripple is unlikely to go up by one or two notches in the cryptocurrency world in 2018, and this is the case for three reasons. The first reason is the sheer dollar volume that separates each of the three currencies in the top positions, in terms of their market cap. Bitcoin is at over $191 billion, Ethereum is at over $84 billion, and Ripple is at over $35 billion. To displace Ethereum would require a deficit of about $49 billion to be closed (which is more than double Iceland's entire national GDP)

Umm XRP went to No2 just a few months ago.

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XRP is not the next Bitcoin. It is and will be far better. Ripples overall impact on the world will eventually dwarf anything that Bitcoin can provide. Once that value is realised, people will wonder why they are even buying BTC as an investment. 

As someone who is not really too technically savvy, however quite educated in terms of finance, I just don't see the value proposition of BTC. I could be wrong and there might be something there technically but from a purely economic and investment standpoint it has absolutely no appeal to me at all. 

Perhaps XRP may never reach the $ value that BTC has so far but I can almost guarantee that XRP has a much better chance of remaining valuable, no matter the price, much much longer than BTC ever will. I look at BTC as something that only has as much value as people have confidence in it. It is no different than any other medium of exchange. XRP however has real utility that is desirable due to the benefits it provides over other mediums of exchange such as speed and security. 

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It seems that Bitcoin is now the one with a huge market overhang... Ripple has their XRP in escrow - with strict rules for selling, but now there is 1.8 billion Bitcoin hovering out there, ready to be dumped onto the market yowee yikes! :shock:


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