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Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

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7 minutes ago, Zerp_Legend said:

Normally I play Beerpong every thursday with at least 20 people and it is awesome.

But I invested so much money that I am staying home today, drinking just one beer. I am becoming a wise little goat, suffer now and live like a king later.



If only one beer, make it count, make it a bull:


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53 minutes ago, Ripple-Stiltskin said:

Btw:  where is LilBender? Did I miss a ban or virtual death?

seriously: is he OK?


He was chased by a fembot all the way to Turkey and has been completely incommunicado for days.  He can't tell me that I didn't warn him.

On 7/10/2018 at 9:10 AM, Simoun said:

He better watch himself, or this:






Long live @LilBender.  I've got dibs on his cycle and music equipment. 

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, XRPisVELOCITY said:

You want to watch this video if you haven't already.  David showcasing his brain.  Good stuff about xRapid and XRP and how they work.


Excellent. Clear, thorough, sharp, sincere. No better spokesman with a comparable depth of technical know-how, and the personal/professional credibility and earnestness to persuade.

Enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

My highest accolade is I don't plan to ever have him over for lunch at Chez Le Swamp.



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19 minutes ago, Flintstone said:

@zenkert Cfinex for CSC

Ohhh, I need BTC to buy... Boring. I have none. But I can do some exchange on Binance and then send BTC to Cfinex, I guess?
PLS not again 😎 I have to learn more and get even more skilled.
Lazy Bull talking here. And concerns about Cfinex security (Seems like a very small Exchange) and moving CSC from there when mooned.
Questions, questions, concerns, concerns.

Enlighten me Please @Flintstone if you have the Time to spare.
If not. It is OK, I can live without CSC 😋

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Posted (edited)
8 minutes ago, gomoku said:

My highest accolade is I don't plan to ever have him over for lunch at Chez Le Swamp

Thank GOD for that @gomoku cause that would be like pulling the plug out off Chez Le Swamp. Or trying to have a BULL for lunch...

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2 hours ago, RegalChicken said:


My process has been something like this, for a year now:


1) what is a gatehub? I can get my ripples on there? where do I buy the ripples. hmm I can buy $25 worth of litecoin, send them via changelly, and 166 xrp magically land in my gatehub wallet. Neat

2) oh look I can do that with $50 in BTC too and now I have 443 xrp in my gatehub wallet

3) man i wish I could get verified on gatehub.

4) dang I wish changelly didn't charge so much to do these transfers

5) oh swell is going to be awesome, lets buy like $250 worth and put those on my gatehub thingy.

6) hey cool another exchange offers an xrp wallet and moves faster than gatehub

7-23) yup still transferring BTC to new exchange adding to my zerp stash

24) I'm going to try ETH instead of BTC. might move quicker and this american express partnership is going to be great.

25)OK I'll go ahead and give this nano thing a try. I'll test it and send 50 zerps. holy crap that was fast. <sends rest of zerps to cold storage forever>

26)damn price is moving fast, $.28!! better buy more.

27)oh, back to $.19.

28) another rally! better buy them now at $.24 before it goes to $.50

29)oh, back to $.18. ok i'll buy $50 more.

30)holy cow we're at $.30 buying more!

31) damn, $.55 how many more can I afford?!

32) Happy new years! we're going to be rich!

33) finally a dip, $2.42 is a bargain, I better get more.

34)I can't believe I can afford more zerps at $1.50. we were just at $3.80

35)ok I'm not going to pay $1.04 but if it dips under $1 I'll definitely grab as many zerps as I can for a buck. 

36) damn, $.89. what an opportunity. Going to buy a big bunch with the heloc.

37) OK back to DCA. $1.05 isn't bad. I mean $.90. oh $.80

38-75) $25 here, $50 there, $250, $100. zerps zerps zerps zerps zerps. I dont even know what these suckers cost anymore

76) Traaawn?

77) UAE, India, xRapid, get them cheap zerps, only $.55!

78) I mean $.44!

79) this is it, back to $.92! my leveraged zerps are green!

80)DCA is working so well for me, I keep getting zerps for under $.50

81)hmmm for $450 I can get 1,000,000 CasinoCoin

82)my casino coin are down 20%

83)DCA is always working, buying more zerps at $.43

84) 678035f84ccaac087745514eba9907e9--animal-clothes-pink-bikini.jpg.a35731c2033e892002dce716d99105c9.jpg



85)well, it's pay day. buying more LTC, ETH, BCH, CSC, and TRX. I have enough XRP already.

86) converts all altcoins into XRP

87) XRP dips again

88) I'm going outside to play.

That, exactly that, was my story. :spinlol: With the difference of a cent here and there and another exchange. Well written Mr. Chicken!!!

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