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Hi all,

i need some help, i've been trying to find a solution myself but i cant't find it.. 

I have a ripple paperwallet; What i want is to send the amount to another account, Is there a safe and easy way to do this?

I didn't know it was that complicated..

all help is greatly appreciated!

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I believe Toast wallet has the functionality you need, though I haven't used it myself and cannot vouch for its safety. I understand that it will allow you to generate a transaction on an offline PC, and create a QR code which can be scanned by your phone and sent to the ledger. Please search the forum with custom Google search to find more details (the standard search box at top right does not always give good results).

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1 hour ago, KENNETH said:

i hope it is as simple as it sounds

It is simple, but if your PC has any chance of being infected with malware or any other virus, then it may not be SECURE. Security adds complication to your process.

Each XRP user has to set their own tolerance for risk--- There are ways to send XRP (create a transaction) without typing your Private key into a web page.

More security involves less simplicity.

At the very least - reboot your PC before initiating, and immediately after completing the transaction.

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