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The truth about Brad’s interview...maybe


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7 minutes ago, Coin_Hound said:

I’m not the type of person that easily falls into the delusions spread by conspiracy theory nut jobs...

today's fiasco was a false flag. you don't think everyone is buying xrp on the low, while repeatedly telling the public how terrible it is?



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“In five years you will buy everything with Bitcoin.”

In five years, my investment in XRP will allow me to snort powdered Bitcoin, if I so choose.

Thanks for watching @Coin_Hound so I didn’t have to. As a fellow beard-sporter, I applaud your journalism.

...Which I wouldn’t choose to, since drugs are bad, mmmkay?

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In case my son reads this in ten years.
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Uh, XRP believer here but that first no name guy was Tim Draper. He's worth quite a lot and is a Silicon Valley legend.

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1 hour ago, Coin_Hound said:

I’m not the type of person that easily falls for the delusions spread by conspiracy theory nut jobs. But after what happened tonight on CNBC, I think this leads credence to a theory I’ve heard.

For those of you that weren’t able to witness the fiasco that took place tonight on CNBC’s Fast Money, allow me to give you a quick recap.

When the crypto special show kicked off the female host really “peaked” my interest at first, but that was quickly flattened when I saw the twiddle dee and twiddle dum losers accompanying the host. Luckily, these two mofos spent most of the hour sitting on the sidelines rubbing eachothers junk and didn’t talk much.

I won’t go into much detail about the first guest, but this Bitcoin shill said some pretty ridiculous things like “in five years you will buy everything with Bitcoin” and “Bitcoin will be the standard.” What a joke.

The second guest was the dude from Coinbase. He said a lot of nonsense I didn’t care about and then reaffirmed Coinbase is not adding more coins at this time. Fuk them. Then this guy continued to rambled on about some Coinbase index to be launched, blah, blah, blah…and then…it happened…BREAKING NEWS.

While I was angry that some breaking news was interrupting the crypto segment, I was at least happy to not have to hear more Coinbase BS. 

But, was it really breaking news? Was it the cure for cancer or was alien life confirmed? Nope. It was just news about some a-hole leaving the adult day care center known as the Whitehouse. It seems like someone is escaping from that insane asylum every week now, so please tell me how this is news. Nobody wants to work for the giant man child, and all of the rats are fleeing the sinking ship known as the Trump administration.  THIS IS NOT NEWS, this is just daily chaos form the Whitehouse now.

Trust me when I tell you the timing of this “breaking news” which conviently prevented Brad from being interviewed was not a coincidence.

How do I know this? It is quite simple when you examine the facts. If you looked at the various people on this Fast Money episode and those involved with this Whitehouse conspiracy you will realize they all have one thing in common. The two goof ball co-hosts, the first no-name Bitcoin blowhard guest, the second Coinbase guest, the Gary Cohn D-bag that quit his job and ruined my night, and yes, even President “Cheese Puff” Trump himself. The all have one thing in common.

No beards. There, I said it.

Tonight’s events were a carefully orchestrated plan lead by a bunch of lackluster, bald face anti-bearders. It is that simple.

These weak men couldn’t grow a facial follicle even if they tried. The closest thing to a beard these baby-facers have were the gigantic, tarantula like eye brows on the first Bitcoin loving guest that appeared on the show.

Therefore, these estrogenic “men” focused their utter hate and contempt to prevent the testosterone-fueled manly man known as Brad Garlinghouse, and his beautiful beard, from appearing on national TV. They know the power Brad’s simple, yet sexy beard possesses and they will stop at nothing to keep him out of the national limelight.

I don’t really know why these guys have such hate for the bearded, but as a man that sports a large and stunning beard myself, I must say this beard hating trend seems to be growing and I am very concerned for how it will play out in the future. If we don’t act now, Brad might be only the first of many great bearded men to be taken out by this evil, smooth-faced cabal.

Spread the word. The truth must be known.

You know what's the breaking news ? An increased probability of a global trade war, since Cohn was the last sane person in the Day Care Center to advocate against those stupid import tariffs.

So yeah it's way more important than a sh!tty interview from a sh!tty talk show.

I am a big, huge believer in Ripple and XRP but I have been saying that all past few days : strop dreaming about that stupid show, Brad and the stupid CB COO won't talk together, XRP won't be added to CB. But you like most people here were in dreamland for the past few days, and now that reality hits right back at you, you see conspiracy. 

This rant makes me think of the same rants after the WeissRatings, everyone was pumped up and after that everyone was destroying them.

We need to wake up.

Probably we actually need to stay asleep, hibernate and wake up in 6 months and see that we have overtaken BTC at #1

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