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Just now, Mercury said:

I think @XRPHdlr works for the NSA or something... I swear I get answers before I even finish posting

srsly. i was so happy with myself since i got the answer so close to when you posted it. @XRPHdlr must be the NSA, he probably has your computer hacked already, or house bugged to see what comes out next and is ready with the Submit button. 

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The third weeks theme is a intro to cryptography, secret codes and security.

Seems this weeks quizzes have been challenging to most I took pity and made an easier one!

The 15th question has been published on the site (email needed):


A direct link to the google Forms (email needed):


For those who rather PM me the answer here is the question:


Q. The image above describes the steps for_____


NOTE: This is worth TWO points

REMINDER: To make sure there are no missed awarded points or confusion all answers are to be submitted in CAPITALS or UPPERCASE letters.

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