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Are we seeing what happened to Bitcoin Cash before Coinbase launch?

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5 minutes ago, Boblemoche said:

I think everyone (including me) is so bored, that we take any special situation like it could drag us out of this flat line we are on.

Yeah it's like the second half of 2017 all over again just like the hype over the escrow.

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...and coinbase makes no difference for XRP long term.

There are some 1.1million xrp wallets right now. Coinbase has 13 million customers or so. Giving easy access to all of those is going to increase volume and demand. Furthermore xrp is orders of magn

Easy access and increased liquidity.  Myself and many others cannot buy XRP directly, at least not with USD.

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9 minutes ago, XRPHdlr said:

yea but the price didn't spike like this that night..I remember cause I stayed up all night watching it...

Yeah, you are correct this time there is a price spike, but I believe like @lll_lll that it might be a small pump and dump.

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4 hours ago, Premium said:

Is it difficult to buy from Kraken with USD?

They prefer a wire from your bank to a domestic account back east. The problems arise more with the banks issuing the wire, not Kraken. What right do they have to refuse to wire cash? Beyond me, but I had to sit through a lecture from a bank manager on the cons of cryptocurrency investing before he would send the wire! I could walk into a store and buy an AK-47 with less drama. Would never, but...

Regardless, Kraken has always had my money ready to go within hours of wire delivery. The issue of time can be of some concern as the price can change dramatically in a frenzy, as we saw in December and that can get costly. You learn quickly if you want money ready to go in an instant, have it sitting in your account well before any market drama and you won't have a problem. Hint, Hint. Do I hear market drama on the horizon?  :heart:

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2 hours ago, Tinyaccount said:

I don’t want to feed the rumour mill because I don’t think it’s true,  and we will dump again if it’s not...   sigh....

But, there is an answer to your question...

Because the CEO doesn’t want to say it...  it’s too big a turnaround.   Maybe he doesn’t like humble pie.     :) 

Don't know if anybody remembers or even saw his mid-december appearance... but he (the coinbase president) was on that exact show and basically stated another coin will be added soon... we all know what that coin ended up being.... I don't think I have a point, but might be of some interest to some....



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2 hours ago, TheWinkening said:

It would make a difference by the fact that it would help increase liquidity - would it not?

It would be a positive yet I firmly believe it is insignificant in comparison to Western Union, MoneyGram and whatever the third will be (UAE Exchange/Travellex? WorldRemit?) as well as the bank of Saudi Arabia/Bank of England. People put way too much of a focus on Coinbase because coinbase is the big fish for the crypto world. Yet compared to Ripple’s vision and the actual global financial institutions they are working, coinbase is less than small potatoes. They’re one more speck of dust but yes, it would be positive.

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8 hours ago, TheXRPer said:

Why do some people have such a hardon for Coinbase? It's like the only value that XRP has is linked solely to Coinbase. 

Because right now I have to buy from CB and then transfer to another exchange to buy XRP. It's a pita. 

Explaining this to people who have difficulty understanding crypto? Forget it? XRP is losing out on investors. XRP may not need CB, but as investors it would help. 

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