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  1. 1. Your given a 1 time only chance to travel forward in time to see the price of XRP, how far forward do you go?

    • 6 months
    • 1 year
    • 2 years
    • 5 years
    • 10 years

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6 months. Statistically, the further forward in time i go, the less likely i am to be alive.

Two years because we should have a good idea about regulation and adoption by then, though the impatient side of me would prefer to see it in one year.

Ok, so there’s a flaw in the question - you can only see the moment you jump to I would go to 10 years, as I’m prepared to wait that long for maximum gains, however there is a big risk of oversho

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One year. In that time you can remortgage / get as many loans and credit cards as you can. Then buy as much XRP as possible. Then pay the loans off and ride the wave.  This of course is on the proviso that the price isn't less in one year. If that's the case then sell!

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I put 2 years because it's long enough in the crypto world to have significant changes (i.e. Market cap increases or decreases in many coins or assets, regulations, mainstream usage, economic developments and other global geopolitical changes) and any longer just feels like skipping too far ahead to a place I wouldn't recognize (scary stuff).

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