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Gatehub to receive BTC transaction


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Hi Guys,

Since I used Gatehub to purchase my XRP's, I also wanted to use it to receive some transactions in BTC. There has been two transactions towards my 'Gatehub Fifth Gateway' wallet address; one of 0.0140 BTC and one of 0.0072 BTC. I can find those transactions with those exact numbers at blockchain.info, but somehow I receive the following numbers 0.0123 BTC and 0.0055 BTC, so 0.0017 BTC less with every transaction. I found that quite a big difference. I have some experience with sending BTC and ETH to Bitstamp too and never had that problem there. Does Gatehub have any fees on incoming transactions as well? I'm getting a bit done with this exchange... 

I know this isn't a Gatehub forum, but since Gatehub is/was used by a lot of you guys I'm hoping for some experience from your side. Especially since their customer service will answer in 1 year or so. 

Thanks a lot!

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Yes, Gatehub implemented fees for crypto deposits in January. https://www.gatehub.net/gateways/fifth/



Bitcoin Deposit0.00169 BTC

Bitcoin Withdrawal Fee0.005 BTC

Bitcoin Ripple Fee0.2 %

That fee schedule seems to have been in place since 2016, but they weren't actually charging the fees until 2018, when they started to charge without any apparent warning, which is very sneaky.

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