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Removing the Wallet from rippex.net


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Dear Ripple community,


2017 has been such an year for us all. The community grew a lot since an year ago. We at Rippex are very happy for being on the boat since the beginning. We always tried hard to provide a good service for the fellow ripplers and we have learned a lot from this effort.


As you all know, when Ripple pivoted to focus exclusively on banks there were no wallets available for those who didn’t want to use third party key-hosting solutions. Therefore, we forked a Ripple’s repository and made some quick fixes to offer to this brave community the possibility of storing XRP and trading without having to rely on any third party services. From the beginning it was clear to us that this was necessary for a healthy, non-institutional, non-technical, XRP ecosystem.


After years offering free access the the Ripple Desktop Wallet we are removing the download links from our website. Nevertheless, the repositories are still available at github (ours and the original repo):


We hope the community can make other builds available or, better yet, will release brand new up-to-date wallets for the XRP lovers.

We also hope other projects will come up supporting trustlines and trading functionalities.


Rippex Team

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Just now, RippleHerToShreds said:

You made over 4500 posts and you ask that? Really? it's March 01, not April 01

I was thinking of something more than was in my question...... but that might be too much of a consparicy theory . . . . :focus:

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Sad to see you leaving the community, your wallet provided an excellent solution for the early XRP community.

For those users looking for that new wallet developed my members of the community, check out Harbor Wallet from Secure Block Chains. It allows users to send and receive XRP, trade XRP for other crypto, and Escrow their funds  


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For anyone looking for a long term cold storage option: we recommend extracting your Ripple secret and writing it on paper aka a paper wallet. (Or if you don't already have one use Toast Wallet in offline mode to generate one.)

If you need to send from your paper wallet you can use Toast Wallet in Offline Mode to perform an air-gaped transaction without ever exposing your Ripple secret to an internet-connected device. Tutorial below.

For everyday XRP use of course we recommend keeping a hot balance in Toast Wallet on your phone!


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