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1 hour ago, pftq said:

Are there any plans to add HTTPs to the site? It seems like a pretty ironic omission given how sensitive crypto people generally are to security.


(not a reply to your question, just to share an interesting sidenote)

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2 minutes ago, lucky said:


free. using it, loving it

I think their root certificate is not trusted by all browsers (yet).

EDIT: after reading this https://letsencrypt.org/2016/08/05/le-root-to-be-trusted-by-mozilla.html it looks like they also use another CA which is probably trusted by major browsers.


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Karlos will correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I remember, XRPChat is hosted on Invision Cloud:

I don't think you can install any ssl certificate you want:


 Cloud + SSL

- Requires the $70 per month Cloud plan = 840$ per year
- Requires a dedicated IP - $199 for 1 year $299 for 2 years

Minimum cost per year if you want SSL on the cloud $1,039 USD

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Namini is right, the site runs on a cloud solution, and the SSL plans are pretty expensive. Originally I bought a certificate and went to install it, but couldn’t because I was on the wrong plan.

However Invisionpower are supposed to revisit the pricing for SSL this year (although I’ve heard nothing back yet). As soon as its practical, I’ll get it done!

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I was checking invision cloud and I'm not sure SSL requires (anymore?) the $70 per month Cloud plan as I wrote above.


"If your average for the past 48 hours is over the allowance for your plan, our system will automatically upgrade you to the next plan level so that your site stays online. After the following month, you can downgrade to your previous plan, if desired."

Just my two cents but, maybe it's interesting to downgrade to the lowest plan each month (maybe what you are already doing) because some months we don't have a lot of visitors.

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