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17 minutes ago, John_Buh said:

Hodor - many thanks again.  I have zero patience with TA, but FA is the way!

However, I simply don't agree that XRP is the tail wagging the dog in crypto.

The blog doesn't say that.

However, the perception that XRP has in crypto atm may sooner or later mean that, in hindsight, it actually was all along. After all it is the year of the dog:hi:

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Some TA ends up being correct, just as some horoscopes end of being correct.  I am not a TA-based trader, nor am I a horoscope reader, but rather a holder based on solid fundamentals.

When I found Ripple and XRP and began immersing myself in information about them, it was like a series of bells going off in rapid succession.  In your blog, you listed a lot of preliminary questions that should be used to determine the investment viability of any crypto asset: 

  • How big is the development team?
  • How big is the sponsoring organization?
  • Where in the world is the sponsoring organization located?
  • What are the business plans of the sponsoring organization?
  • What is the biggest use case for the digital asset?
  • How much are the transaction fees on the network?
  • Is it a permissionless network?
  • Was the digital asset created to solve a problem, or is it in search of a problem?
  • How stable is the network? Has it had any downtime?
  • How decentralized is the network?
  • How many units are outstanding for the digital asset?
  • How secure is the network – what is the quality of their cryptography / code?
  • How much daily volume is on the crypto network?
  • Is the organization that created the digital asset trust-worthy?
  • How much competition exists for the asset?

This is very similar to what I did that ended up leading to my large investment in XRP.  One additional question that I would add that was VERY important to me:  

  • How much progress have they already made?

Like Brad Garlinghouse and others with Ripple have stated, they are the ONLY ones in this space that have made significant, real-world inroads.

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8 minutes ago, XRPeteSampras said:


Like Brad Garlinghouse and others with Ripple have stated, they are the ONLY ones in this space that have made significant, real-world inroads.


Best analogy of ICO's I've seen yet (even though I'm a huge fan and proponent of what an ICO could become). 




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@Hodor another great blog, thanks.

Beggars belief to me that people can't see that, if the IMF, Central Banks, Banks and FIs have all done thorough Fundamental analysis and concluded that Ripple, the Company, is for them; it's only a matter of time before XRP is adopted on a huge scale.

"Fundamental analysis is starting to make inroads into the crypto universe."

"XRP Shines Under Fundamental Analysis."

"The Shift towards Fundamental Analysis Will Benefit XRP"

"Fundamental Analysis Will Lead You Home"


Loved your referencing the fact that not all that glitters is Gold with the  Neeraj Agrawal Pizza tweet.

Allow me to indulge in a little wishful thinking with regard to it: Remember when Mars75 started the Escrow!!!! thread on 8th Dec 2017 and JoelKatz posted this

"Sorry to disappoint you guys but we're actually just buying a pizza. Brad Garlinghouse insisted I put a wink on this so everyone would know that i wasn't serious. So.";)

We all know what happened a few days later.

The Chinese Year of the dog symbolizes the coming of fortune (and i'm a dog lover to boot) so lets all  hope your inclusion of Pizza has a similar effect! :wizard:


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By the time I got into Bitcoin in 2015, 1 BTC was already $200 a piece; I picked up what I could afford to lose at the time but still felt that I had missed the gravy train in a major way. That led me to look for the next "Bitcoin". Along the way, I picked up some ETH and LTC but it wasn't until late 2016 when I discovered Ripple XRP did I have that "This is IT!" moment.  In my mind, the fundamentals were unbelievable (economics, tech, team, vision, progress, transparency); I could literally imagine where this train was going to go and it wasn't a stretch. But what really sealed the deal for me were three things:

1) Ripple's pragmatic rational approach in the Crypto Space (understanding that regulation was going to play a role down the road and proactively seeking to build relationships with global regulators by educating them)

2) The amount of hate and ignorance towards Ripple. I remember when I was still attempting to learn more about Ripple, the amount of anger and vitriol I would ignite simply by asking basic questions. mention XRP and they want your head on a spike. It was irrational to say the least. To this day, I still see some popular well respected Youtubers call XRP a scam. I mean at this point, the ignorance has got to be willful; but why? I think it's because of fear. Deep down they know...

3) Ripple and XRP is the contrarian, the Black Swan of the crypto space. And they earned that title by being pragmatic and rational. GREAT.

Investing to me, is like growing a tree; it may take a while before it bears fruit, but it will eventually. Patience is key. Throughout 2017, I traded all of my BTC, ETH, and LTC all for XRP. The Internet of Value will probably be the most magnificent tree I'll see in this lifetime, and I can't wait to see it come into fruition. :)

Thank you Hodor for all that you do. The community loves you in a major way. You are the shining light during dark times.

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