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Launching my site and channel


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Hey folks,

Forgive me if this isn't allowed but I just wanted to get it out there that I will be launching my website venture cryptochaincentral.com sometime in March. It will be dedicated to crypto in general but with a main informational nudge towards Ripple XRP as that is the crypto I am most informed on. I will have a shop, articles, videos, blog, recommendations among other things. Ripple will be my main content focus. In the meantime I am launching my youtube channel where i'll be giving some basic tutorials along with my reaction to news and thoughts in general. Also, if anyone has any ideas for something they think sites aren't really addressing yet or just something cool they want to see, I am all ears for ideas as well. Any support is appreciated, right now that would be subscribing to my youtube channel. Content will be out in the coming days and weeks. I'm starting basically from scratch here and just trying to spread the word. 

Thanks guys and again any support or subscribers would be greatly appreciated!



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Cool idea and good luck. What would be really useful is if you could have a complete site with all info. At the moment I have at least 10 or more different pages open: crypto calendars, live prices, reddit and twitter and facebook (none of which i use except to scour for news) 

A site that could collect and display all this data along with blogs etc would be great

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