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Who is most accurate at Ripple Price Predication? (Even Ripple Poker)

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Ok you invest in ripple, you like the product, you think it will reach how many $$$? But who is the most correct on the forum? This will give you the bragging rights if you are the most accurate:

I just got back from the future. Check out XRPs chart..  

That's ok happens to the best of us! That's ok happens to the best of us! That's ok happens to the best of us! That's ok happens to the best of us! 

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32 minutes ago, Let_her_Ripple said:

This kinda feels like a "Wisdom of Crowds" moment. I get that it shouldn't apply, but... imagine if it did work!?! XRPChat members' profits would be unprecedented!



Good point. We do a similar prediction challenge every year at my office, it's not about a price but several other metrics about our customers. And every year up until now the right answer would be somewhere near the average of all predictions.

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12 minutes ago, 1todd960 said:

Some of these predictions are downright depressing.  Lol

Gotta have a bit more faith in what XRP will do then that.  Oh well.  Too each his own.  Or to give a mental and verbal quote by JK.  (Nodding head, smiling and saying..."ok, we'll see").

Well to be honest 2.25 in December is still reasonable ROI? You more than double your money ? 

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