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Who is most accurate at Ripple Price Predication? (Even Ripple Poker)

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Ok you invest in ripple, you like the product, you think it will reach how many $$$? But who is the most correct on the forum?

This will give you the bragging rights if you are the most accurate:)

Well, lets do something interesting, let do a predication table for the March/June/September/December 2018, see who is the most correct in the forum, I will drawn up a excel table with their forum names and predication in a excel format.

I go first (Price in USD):

Can even make this into ripple poker if people would like, 1 ripple to enter, whoever has the most accurate price predictions at end of each quarter wins the pot at December 2018, we can send 1 ripple to a mediator like Chicken or the Bull, what do you guys think?

UPDATE: 16th March 2018

Final input has been put in, here are the averages, Prediction Game is now closed, good luck to all:)

I have updated the table on this first page as well its its eazier for everyone to read:

Here are the final averages, in total we had 170 participants, very wild guesses in my mind but anything is possible in the Crypto investing.

I am not even worried with all these wild swings in the past few days, just touching base on why we all invested in ripple:

  • remember the reason why you invested
  • remember the fundamentals
  • remember who is CEO
  • remember the partnerships and potential partnerships
  • remember the technologies behind the company
  • remember the visions
  • remember we are not here to make $1 millions in a week, we are here for the long hodl

Now lets see who is right in 15 days time:)

Good luck to all









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March - $1.23

June - $2.34

Sept - $3.45

December - $123.45

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