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List of Ripple partnerships and RippleNet implementations!

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List of Ripple Partnerships and RippleNet Implementations
This document is a work in progress. We cannot guarantee data accuracy, use at your own discretion.
You can view additional notes by hovering over a cell with the black corner indicator



Created by : Byron 


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4 hours ago, ErikNL said:

Very nice contribution!! 

I see some companies that are testing since 2014 or 2015. Are they really still testing? Or have they been testing in the past and are currently not active anymore? 

I've not been able to find any further news or announcements which would suggest otherwise. Often times companies will announcement intentions but very rare that they report that they're ditching the tests. I'm open to amendments or suggestions though.

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2 minutes ago, Drew said:

If CBW Bank, out of Kansas U .S. is listed, they have shelved the ripple integration untill more robust regulation is in place. Just my .5 xrp

Hi mate, do you have a source for that information? I would like to add that to the sheet.


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Love the list, thank you very much for making it!


However, I think some of the information is incorrect. I think only Cuallix is using xRapid for now, and even they are more or less testing it. Also, Arrington will use XRP, but not as part of the xRapid platform, as far as I know.


For example, can you provide a source that Santander is testing xRapid?

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1 hour ago, Byron said:

Hi all, this is my spreadsheet. I've sorted the logos. I screwed up when I moved the santander row.

If anyone has any suggestions or amendments, feel free to drop me a line.


Great work @Byron
A suggestion:
Make row 4 "sticky" so it is always visible when scrolling down in the sheet.

Edited by zenkert
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