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Track Volatility and PUMP-DUMP Of Top 1000 Highly Traded Coins And Get Notified When Your Favorite Coin Becomes Highly Volatile!


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During the past one month, many of our users reached out to us and asked for a tool to track volatility and pump-dump events of crypto currencies. So we decided to build one to help the traders and from now on, you will be able to track the unpredictability of the crypto currency market. Our premium users will have access to the volatility ranking of top 1000 highly-traded coins for the current 1 hour and 24 hour period. Additionally, they will receive email alerts for the following:

1) An alert every 15 minutes with 20 most and least volatile coins of the past 1 hour.

2) They will get notified whenever their selected favorite coin/coins(you can select upto 5) become highly volatile! You can checkout our pricing plans here: https://www.shufflup.org/volatility_pricing.php

We have made access to 7 days, 1month, 6 months and 1 year volatility rankings of more than 1500 coins free so that you can get a hang of the product! Check it out here:




You can now check the volatility ranking of Ripple by visiting : 

https://www.shufflup.org/currencies_public.php?curr=Ripple (XRP)

This will help you to know which coin is PUMPING or DUMPING at a very early stage if you track volatility of the coin, as in the event of PUMP or DUMP price fluctuates very rapidly resulting in an increased volatility. Please consult https://www.shufflup.org/faq.php to learn more about the product or comment on this thread.

We sincerely hope that this tool will help traders to reduce the risk of loss and help them to make more wise investment decisions.

Adding the screenshots of the pages which can be accessed only by our premium users!

Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you.


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4 minutes ago, pucksterpete said:

@shufflup  nice

any thoughts of possibly adding Gatehub to your list for your Arbitrage Tracker for XRP?

Thank you! Yes we are integrating more exchanges and coins in our Arbitrage Tracker and our scheduled launch of Arbitrage Tracker PRO is during the second week of March. You will be able to track arbitrage opportunities involving Gatehub and XRP from mid march onwards. I will personally update you with the integration news prior to our launch. Thanks again for your feedback.

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