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Personal vs shared wallet?


Personal vs shared wallet?   

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  1. 1. Are you using shared wallet and storing your XRP in exchange or have you created a REAL™ wallet for your XRP with 20 XRP activation fee?

    • I have my own wallet 😎
    • My XRP is on exchange... 🙄

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 Just a quick poll to see how many of us has created an actual wallet vs investors who are keeping their zerps on exchange. 

It's been discussed that wallet creations on the ledger have big impact on investor confidence and it's been considered as one of the key metrics on XRP growth. 

My Nano just shipped so I am happy to open my real wallet soon! ;) I think this should be mandatory move for each responsible XRP investor ?

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Top Posters In This Topic

14 minutes ago, automatic said:

What if we have both;  select "I have my own wallet"?

Yes, if you have even one real wallet then you should vote for "I have my own wallet". 

So far my my gut feeling has been right... There's a lot of investors that hasn't opened a wallet yet... ;)

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Well based on these quick numbers we could potentially have around 300K more wallets created and there could be around 1.5 million wallets. That would also mean additional 6 million XRP locked down in account reserves which would sum into 30 million XRP out from the circulating supply ?

People, start creating accounts and show your commitment ?

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