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Another Legitimate Blockchain Based Product - DENT

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Been a while since I've posted here.  Quite a runup we had in December.  Good times gents.

Anyway, I'd imagine that one of the reasons we're all interested in Ripple and XRP is that it has a solid use case and not to mention a successful business plan for implementation whilst working on partnerships and testing the technology with stakeholders.  Quite exciting times we've had with XRP and Ripple so far.

That said, just wanted to bring to everyone's attention Dent Wireless and their token DENT.  Dent's goal is to provide a global market place for data, allowing people to transfer / exchange spare data at the end of the month to other market participants.  The real kicker here is that once people realize their data has value, any transfer of data is pretty much a monetary transfer.  One of Dent's founders, Mikko, has alluded to this as "data remittance."  

They just released their Android app today, held a surprise (and very successful) mobile data trading trial in the Phillipines, and are working towards other objectives in their roadmap.  A lot of promise with this guys, as they attend the Mobile World Congress this week, meeting with telcos and working on parterships.

Figured there would be some like minded people here who enjoyed projects actually IMPLEMENTING BaaS to the masses rather than selling hopes and dreams and unicorn farts.

Check them out at www.dentwireless.com

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