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Idea For A Giveaway-Suggestions Needed Please


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On 2/24/2018 at 5:34 AM, XRPHdlr said:

IF you're not a scam..you really need to change your front page layout..it looks like a template.

Also the fact that you just registered after completing the site is suspicious. A normal dev or entrepreneur would have registered when the idea was conceived.

Just some heads up cause, you're gonna get a lot of people to hesitate..

Typos is a basic idea. People don't forgive...  

Thanks for the heads up. The only reason why I didn't sign up here earlier is because I was in communications directly with Ripple support about a few tings, then I had a problem logging into  their forum and was told they were having issues. They directed me here. I never heard about this forum before that.

As I said earlier I am aware of the outdated site aspects and we are working on an update but in the interim I am making some adjustments to the site. Don't want to have to a lot of work 2 times.

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Hello Again All

We have made a lot of progress with the update that we are doing on the site. (It's nothing like what you see at the moment)

In the interim, as some of the final touches, we have put together a rewards program that will give the users the opportunity to redeem points for things like XRP tokens.

What I am looking for now is any opinions or comments on how we should implement this so that we can put it in the coding on the site and get this up and running.

Here is how it will work.

For every dollar spent on the site the user will earn 5 reward points

Since the users can also list items for sale on the site they too will earn reward points for any item that is successfully sold the seller will receive 10 reward points for every dollar of the value of the item sold. The buyer will get 5 reward points per dollar spent

The rewards will be redeemable for a variety of things, they can be spent on the site or redeemed for other things like XRP tokens.

Here is a look at the reward chart we have right now.

100 rewards points for signing up

200 rewards points for referring a customer to the site and that customer signs up and makes a purchase. Referred customer gets a $10 discount coupon

1 reward point for sharing on facebook

1 reward point for sharing on twitter.

(We're kind of stuck on what to with reward points for sharing on social media. We're thinking we might have to cap this in that only a certain number of shares will be allowed per user. Then we can offer more reward points per share)

We're also going to give some special reward points to anyone who helps us out with this concept (even to those who give negative constructive criticism like before!) and some other rewards for everyone that is a member of this XRP chat. 

Redeem Rewards Chart

$20 off coupon for 2000 points

$15 off coupon for 1500 points

$10 off coupon for 1000 points

$50 off coupon for 500 points  


We want to create a reward of XRP tokens so the question at his point is: How do you think we should do this? We’re thinking the minimum reward should be $50 worth of XRP tokens and that they should cost 5000 points. The next question is: What would be the most inexpensive way for us to do this?

We're also going to have a section on the site where anybody who wishes to sell XRP tokens may do so.

Thanks in advance


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