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New Here & Need a Wallet, Head Spinning!


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Hi All

OK I am so confused with all these threads about opening up a Wallet. Not sure how much is needed, not sure which methods are current and which are old, I think I got sent to the same othreads a few times from various posts etc. Seems like someone has to put the XRP in it for me to get a Wallet activated (or am I reading that wrong too) Then just when I think I found out how to do this I get to the end of the thread and its been closed and get sent somewhere else. I have to tell you I've been doing this for 30 minutes now and my head is spinning. Can someone please tell me what is the most current (and best) way to do this right now. Also I think it would be a good idea to take all these threads and posts that are irrelevant and just group them up in a thread of archives or something. Not saying to delete them just an archive saying old methods or something. 

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You need to send more than 20 xrp from wherever you currently have them, to an address.

If you choose Toast (which I'm using) for example, you need to install Toast, and it will prompt you with an address needing activation.

Don't send less than 20, or to be safer less than 25, cause you might need to be charged a fee for the tranfer and you don't want using up any of the initial 20, cause it might cause the amount not showing up. The idea is that the address needs to receive 20 or more. The, how much more, you need to find out..some places..like eobot for example..charge a lot to transfer. Most serious exchanges don't charge that much.

Where do you have them stored now?

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