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Create new cryptocurrency based on ripple


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Good afternoon, I consult you, the idea that I have is:

A security and private validation mechanism.

Using the free code of ripple and xrp, from there create a new cryptocurrency.

1st it's possible ?

2nd. what is the beginning? Where do you start?

3rd Is there a basic guide or tutorial to follow?

And if it is very complicated or not possible, how do I implement a test scenario to use ripple?

Thank you very much and greetings

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Top Posters In This Topic

It's possible to create custom tokens using interfaces such as The World Exchange (https://www.theworldexchange.net/). You click the drop-down menu that says "Buy" and choose the "Issue" option. Assign a 3-character name and arbitrary price (this will not deduct any XRP from your wallet). The tokens do not show up in your own wallet, but will appear once sent to another wallet. Bear in mind this will lock up 5 XRP, in addition to the 20 XRP reserved all wallets have.

Currently, the feature has limited utility because Codius is still under development (so you cannot program the tokens to do anything differently from XRP). Hopefully Codius will launch in the next year or two (not based on any timelines from the dev team, just my own wishful guess)

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