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Lost wallet


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3 hours ago, Deux said:

Where to get this wallet? Url?

I'm pretty sure there isn't such a thing.

We'll all go crazy when they come out with an official wallet.

He prob meant Rippex, or he's just scammin..

I dunno :huh:  3600 xrp and he has 3 posts here..pretty sure of his investment..

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2 hours ago, Pcolly said:

My brother bought it years ago he's trying to remember what wallet it was

So, it was your brother that s c r e w e d things up?
Then do not worry, all blame on him and his XRP´s.

Serious. If do not know what wallet it was and do not have the Ripple Adress or the Secret Key.
Then you are in trouble. More or less consider those XRP´s as lost.

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