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The Anatomy of a Whale (Galgitron blog)

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He's got a lot of things right, but a lot of things wrong too imo, especially when it comes to XRP due to him being biased.

Yes whales do exist & they may play their price manipulation games to some extent that is described in the article.  However, the fact remains that XRP is tied lock step with Bitcoin. The pri

Cool blogger! Very nice read! I finally understood those magnificent creatures! Now I have 3 XRP bloggers to read with my   Thanx Galgitron! Keep feeding us!

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2 hours ago, JNYC said:

Yes whales do exist & they may play their price manipulation games to some extent that is described in the article. 

However, the fact remains that XRP is tied lock step with Bitcoin. The price action we have been seeing can no longer be attributed to Bitcoin itself but rather to the Bitcoin futures that have been listed on various exchanges. That’s where the Whales are swimming!!

Until XRP is released from the grips of Bitcoin by being pared straight up against fiat we are at the mercy of others & no amount of GREAT news will allow XRP to run to its true value. 

 COT for bitcoin futures https://www.tradingster.com/cot/futures/fin/1330E1


some info on COT if not aware of it. https://www.learningmarkets.com/understanding-and-trading-the-cot-report/

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"Not unintentionally, my prior post about Whales manipulating XRP was quite controversial and has offended some of the more fervent XRP patriots. Nothing drops a fan-base quicker than a reality check, lol"

Please offend these idiots. It is a service to humanity. This should be mandatory reading for anyone who newly joins xrpchat and on ripple's website since they won't provide this service to any investors and future investors.

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 “I can almost see you covering your ears, yelling, "I can't hear you. I can't hear you..". But whales are a f**ing reality! They are numerous, they are rich beyond comprehension, and their influence is COLOSSAL. Don't blindly dismiss their existence simply because you don't want to sound like a whackjob, like the time you saw Bigfoot and told no one, NO, you need to have open eyes and understanding so that you can make sense of what you see in the markets. Trust me when I say that knowing what's really going on will make the journey a lot less stressful. Fear-based denial doesn't help anything.”


The Gospel According To Galgitron.  It needs to be a thing.  Read before selling (if tempted), don’t be their krill. :good:

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On 2/22/2018 at 3:08 AM, zerpdigger said:

Are you fed up of XRP seemingly defying all logic? Great news = nothing?? Or maybe even a drop in price?? How about those random 10% gains in 5 minutes that of course you missed out on? It's time to accept the truth, whales rule the day, and you can choose to deny their existence or significance, but the numbers are right in front of your eyes, and numbers don't lie

Thanks so much for this, @galgitron :D Now what I've been seeing makes perfect sense! Below are a couple of examples -

Whale bots:



...and here they are dragging the price up:



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