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Ripple New Marketing Strategy? SWIFT Is DONE!

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This is a grossly misleading topic by this author... when Ripple was interviewed by Coindesk for this article, it appears that Ripple said the following:

  1. Two (2) academic papers would be released in the future
  2. Both papers would speak to ALGORITHMS and not specific implementation/execution details
  3. Intended for research groups to engage and understand the Ripple approach

This stated... it should be apparent that only 4% of the XRP readers here will understand it. Worse, these are academic papers which purport to describe how the Ripple Network SHOULD / COULD function and not specifically how it functions today.

I do NOT see any indication that security issues will be dealt with... but if there are were security topics, the question would need to be asked... security for:

  • whom and for...
  • what?


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