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Two days to two seconds: how SEB slashed payment times by ditching Swift for Ripple

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7 hours ago, Seoulite said:

No I think it means other than USD. This is why Brad talks first about high friction places where it isn’t just easier to use USD.  XRP will be most applicable in emerging markets that are hard to reach. If anything it will be good PR, but won’t be moving the volumes that people are hoping for here.

Yeah - you're right. Thanks, I feel like I've learned something about XRapid just there!

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On 21-2-2018 at 2:28 PM, AndyMac said:

Small steps of the marathon. First xCurrent then natural way of evolution is xRapid...

And here's the next step! Currency pair XRP - Swedish Krona.


The pattern is getting so obvious: 1. get banks in country x to use xCurrent, 2. in parallel incentivise local exchanges to offer XRP to against the local currency, 3. get xRapid connected to that exchange , 4. offer it to banks as additional option (read XRapid) 5. goto1

Quite attractive for exchanges to do so btw, knowing that banks (like SEB) will use your exchange as part of the international settlement proces.

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On 21/2/2018 at 3:55 AM, spondulix said:

Hopefully not overquoting here, let me know and I'll edit it down. The article is extremely positive on XCurrent, less so for XRP:

By other currencies it's not clear that it means "cryptocurrencies" but I guess it's implied? Dunno.

She is only talking about Currency Convertion, this as per se will not make a big savings for anyone, its just more convenient in some cases, but the real value is the elimination of Nostro/Vostro Accounts. There's the real value of xRapid.

So lets be patient, we will get there in a couple years!  :smoke:

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On 2/21/2018 at 8:01 AM, Amigo said:

Good nuance, though imo getting (multiple)FI's to actually use blockchain in general l, and xCurrent specific, is a way bigger and unique victory than some (especially non ripplers) might realize. For a FI, the step to leave existing infrastructure for something new and 'uncertain' is the biggest one.. the additional step after that (towards xRapid) is going to be the easy one, especially if some regulations go in the right direction the next couple of months.

Very well said. In my opinion, when those in the banking industry learn that XRP is a digital asset meant to free money in foreign accounts, then it will be easier for them to grasp the importance of XRP as a bridge currency. It's not meant to replace USD, but to allow those funds to be free to work in the market.

Additionally, they will save more money by using XRP.

This is great news. Ripple is smartly baiting the banks with XCurrent. The next step will be smooth, because it's all about saving $ and speed. 

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