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See Ripple Adress From Wallet File?


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Hello everybody,

I have a single ripple address and can't find the secret key but I still have 2-3 different wallet files because I practised all the setting up. 

Now I think I could guess the password with the desktop client at some point but is it possible to see which wallet file belongs to which ripple address?

Thank you in advance.

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39 minutes ago, Deux said:

Only if you know the secret key, you will know the public address.

Hmm, not quite right. If he has the wallet.txt files and can remember the password(s) then he can open the wallet in the desktop client that created the files. Then he will see the account address r....... and can opt to reveal the secret key s..........

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53 minutes ago, Deux said:

Lol I think the question will be, are able to guess your own password or not. If not, you dont have anything.

Yes, this is the question :D I just wanted to increase my chance/reduce time because now I have to test for all three wallet files.

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