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Hello world. While I'm still waiting for verification on bitstamp and gatehub, I started looking around at other exchanges. While I was looking at ripple stock prices, I noticed a "buy instantly with credit card" icon. After clicking the link, I it brought me to an exchange called Exmo, their page looks a lot like the ripple home page.

Has anyone heard of this, or have any experience? Are they faster to verify than bitstamp or gatehub?

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Do not send a cent to them . I will not provide a proof, since it is my investment security policy, but I will tell you that , they own me and my friend money. Not much, a  little over 5k usd, support is not helpful at all. Basically, the withdrawal, did not went trough. Also, some people with bigger amounts, have just lost access to their accounts. Simply, just don’t trust Ukrainian banking system and their exchanges , period . Again, not trying to spread false rumors, by not providing a file with proof, pictures and so on, but we are all here in the same boat, and must help each other not to get scammed. So , you just have to believe me on this. 



yes, there’s lots of people who have no trouble, but do you want to take a risk?

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2 hours ago, zerpdigger said:

yep stay away, ukraine for me in general is a massive red flag

Especially when we hear news , of a exmo ceo or some sort of cat , being kidnaped of the streets for ransom, and then fudenly oh sorry, suddenly released into the “wild”. 

If you never thought the conspiracy theory was a thing, now is your chance. 

No foooooking way, that was a coincidence. 

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