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loss acount file rippex wallet what is do


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sir , i lost my loggin file but i save screen shot all of this but its not working i have exchange shot rippex shot sir this is my rippex wallet adress 

rBPdtvMi4egpi55Nq6rdakc4FpRLYHGdYg     i send 99.72 ripple to send in this  account any ripple account officer talk me prv i send to ss of my secret key help me sir 



binance to ripple account.PNG


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On 19/02/2018 at 3:19 PM, Aurangzeb said:

 i send 99.72 ripple to send in this  account any ripple account officer talk me prv i send to ss of my secret key help me sir

Do you have your secret key, or have you lost your secret key also?

If you do have it, please don't send it to anyone (even if they claim to work for Ripple).

Your XRP has been successfully sent to your wallet from Binance.

On 19/02/2018 at 3:21 PM, Aurangzeb said:

i download it again but its never open to this account open otherr account and adress 

Are you talking about Rippex? You should be able to import the secret key of your lost wallet if you know it. This looks like the way to do it: https://rippex.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206506816-Recovering-a-Ripple-account-using-the-secret-key

7 hours ago, Aurangzeb said:

nobudy help >? what i do Sir  thats not gud for ur client ur fst job is helping out customerz who purchases ur currency .... your behave like hai bankers what is do anybudy suggest me 

You are not in the right place if you're looking for customer service. This is a community of regular people helping each other. There happen to be some Ripple employees here, but you are not Ripple's customer, so they have no obligation to help you. If you think Rippex is causing you a problem, you need to use their customer support.

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If you have your secret ?, all should be fine. If you don't have it, no one can help you... maybe rippex(i dont use it, so not sure)

Also note, you wont be able to send the full amount to anywhere else. At this moment, 20xrp are reserved and will stay like thiz until further notice.

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I suggest you install ToastWallet on your phone and import your secret key into it.

I'm suggesting that wallet because I believe it is perhaps the easiest option for you.  You will then have access to your XRP.  Be aware, as mentioned above, that there is a wallet keeping amount of 20xrp that can not be removed from the wallet should you decide to sell them....  but later on they may be freed up if Ripple lower the wallet keeping amount.

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