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Update on Commonwealth Bank of Australia's Trial on Ripple


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Hi Guys,

Few days ago I enquired from  Commonwealth Bank of Australia about status of their Ripple Project and sent email below.

Dear Sir/Madam

Some time ago Commonwelath bank announced pilot project with Company called "Ripple labs" about domestic and  international fund transfers, but since the link below i could not track/obtain much information online about the results of that project. So my questions are 
(1) What is current status of your pilot projects with Ripple.(have u dropped them or you are still in process)
(2) Any expected timeline of finishing these blockchain projects.
(3) Results of your Ripple usage with your subsidiaries as mentioned by you in article below.

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Through its “innovation alliance” with Israel’s Bank Leumi and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, National Australia Bank recently used blockchain technology powered by start-up Ripple to test an international transfer of $10.

“We’re seeing clients asking us when it will be ready and wanting to collaborate so there’s definitely that momentum there to push it forward,” she said.

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