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Telegram raises investment of $850M for billion-dollar ICO


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The popular messaging platform, Telegram raises $850 million, moving one step further towards its billion-dollar ICO.

News of Telegram’s entry into the blockchain space first surfaced last month when a whitepaper consisting detailed information about the project appeared online.


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22 minutes ago, Deux said:

Good for telegram...

now they can pump Telegram (TON) while they are actually on Telegram, that is perfect for them...lol...

A distributed file storage that is similar to services like Filecoin and Dropcoin.
A proxy service to create blockchain-based, decentralized VPN services and a secure browsing environment (akin to TOR).
Services for smart contracts, decentralized apps and web browsing experiences.
A payment service for micropayments and peer-to-peer transactions.

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