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Average age of the XRPChat family

Average age of the XRPChat family  

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9 minutes ago, ss6 said:

What exactly do you mean by work with a computer?

Basic things. Install a printer, troubleshoot a network problem. 

Everything that goes further then booting it and open outlook in fact. 

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I'm 18 and fairly clumsy and socially awkward.  Also overly enthusiastic about things I'm interested in, and easily distracted by pretty and shiny things.   

Thats on a good day.   :) 

On a bad day, my approaching-sixty body catches up with me and the many niggles of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle make me feel like an eighty year old.  On those days I'm a grumpy old man who shouts at the kids on his lawn.   :) 

So Ripple have about 3 months to conquer the world before my upcoming stroke or heart-attack takes me out of the game. :) 

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