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Words that were not in my regular vernacular 6 months ago


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38 minutes ago, Chewiecoin said:

Ripple, XRP, XRPChat, xCurrent, xRapid, xVia, Crypto, HODL FUD & FOMO (what the hell?), Moon, When moon? lambo, jeeps and cabins, expensive cars, yachts, rocket launches, giraffes, kangaroos, Brad Garlinghouse, David Scwartz, Joel Katz, Hodor, Chicken, Pickle, Bull, XRPto50dollars, blood in the streets, panic selling, crash, steel balls, pump and dump, conspiracy, tin hat, coiled spring, blockchain, nodes, centralised, decentralised, market cap, price prediction, CNY, Coinbase, Robinhood, BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, TRN, XLM, Stellar, Jed, bankers coin, scam coin, sh*tcoin, FI’s, fiat, bridge currency, digital asset, digital wallet, nano, cold storage, noob, ignore,  Bitstamp, Bithump, Kraken, Mt Gox, TA, MACD, Heiken, candles, green and red light sabres (ok I used that a fair bit lol) $5.02, $10, $100, $1,000 etc etc 

Oh how much my life has changed.

. . . . for the better!!!


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3 minutes ago, CryptoGerrie said:

What about Nostro and Vostro?. Pretty important aspect btw. And THE ZERPENING

Yes good ones. I knew there were a heaps of words I was forgetting. Nostro and Vostro and good ones. Never was talking about them 6 months ago.

How about liquidity? Or even @PickleRick crypto store lol 

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Like 1 year ago I downloaded RobinHood because I saw someone trading on it.

Stocks always intrigued me and I always thought I should get into it but I've always been more lured to things like gambling and poker and such.

Tried learning that charting stuff and w.e. but I couldn't get into it.

Now that I'm into crypto it adds the excitement of gambling with the pretending to be a TA wizard.

Best of both worlds.

I am so much more in tune with world events, economy, all those gibberish words I hear on Bloomberg.

Love crypto :)

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