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VISA officially blames cryptocurrency overcharge scandal on Coinbase


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Has something happened with Visa?

Here a lot of people has been ****** off when they use visa at the gas station. Fuel was overcharged with about double the price was meant to pay. Visa blame the gas company...gas company blame visa rules saying that payments must have some kind of security backup until the customers bank confirmed the payment.

No matter who to blame...as far as i know its only visa cardholders who experience this...

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Wait people believe credit card companies don't screw them hahaha? 

Example - I got screwed over by Capital One. Current balance is $3,565.65 for $150.00 at a gas station 1 year ago. Somehow somebody stole my identity and opened up a credit card. There forcing me to pay it, yet I haven't paid one payment. Has ruined my credit score.  Sometimes I wonder if they don't contract people out to do this ****, i'm serious.  Google has many good articles about all this.

Kinda like Equifax. They have ruined millions of peoples lives, since now there identities are over the internet. 

The elite get rich off the average persons lives.... Reason why I want crypto to succeed. I want to see these average day people get rich. Amen to that

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