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Lost Phone plus recovery code for Google Authenticator


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Hi guys, I lost my phone around the beginning of this year and have tried a lot of things to recover my code so I can log back into my accounts. Has anyone defeated this problem? If so I would really appreciate the help to recover just over a thousand dollars. Thanks guys!

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What exchanges are your accounts in?

I updated my iPhone one time and accidentally deleted my Goggle Authenticator App. 

I had my accounts back then (now I have Nano S Ledger) in COINBASE. I emailed them to change my security code to 2FA or to no security at all. It took about  10 days for them to reset it. 

I would assume to maybe email the support team of your “exchange”

good luck

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I also lost my 2FA in the past but on most websites it's just an on-off such in the login system against your account. Tech support can easily turn it off but you obviously have to jump through a number of hoops to prove your identity in other ways before they'll switch it off for you. 

You'll need to look through the login FAQ / support on the site for their guidance on lost 2FA or email support directly. 

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