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Absolutely most BULLISH prediction EOY 2018?

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My optimistic prediction for 3 years + 2025.

EOY 2018: Low - $20 High - $35

EOY 2019: Low - $50 High - $85 

EOY 2020: Low - $90 High - $130 

EOY 2025: Low - $200 High - $400

Seeing the immense progress Ripple has already made this year, with progress within various important components and partners such as ILPv4 production ready, SBI, SBI VC (XRP pairings + millions of users onboard), UAE partnerships, SAMA agreements, WU testing XRP, MG implementing XRP, Santander Ripple powered App Q1, LianLian International, MTM using XRP, Mercury using XRP, IDT, using XRP,  Unnanounced partnerships still awaiting + 2 householdnames, xRapid releasedates next month, Uphold exchange listing XRP, Robinhood listing XRP, BitOasis listing XRP(?), Zebpay listing XRP, interest from multiple CBs throughout the last months, existing backlog of banks wanting to get onboard referencing BGarlinghouse, Wooribank awaiting reports (Cuallix confirming definitive efficiency w/XRP), Rabobank on board... and then you have more than 100 banks already on board waiting to get in.

These numbers are not far-fetched. I haven't even listed everything. This year is going to be nuts given that everything progresses in the same fashion as January, one of the most challenging months for the cryptospace.

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