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Absolutely most BULLISH prediction EOY 2018?

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5 hours ago, Prometheus_Rising said:

Sorry but.....50% reduction on capital gains after 1 year. https://www.ato.gov.au/General/Capital-gains-tax/Working-out-your-capital-gain-or-loss/Working-out-your-capital-gain/

25% reduction would be awesome though!

A 50% reduction in your tax liability  would result in a 25% tax rate or less as Australia doesn't have a tax rate higher than 50%. 


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2 hours ago, OzAlphaWolf said:

If you work in Saudi Arabia, in finance or a bank, please contact me. 

I wrote an email to Dilip Rao, but deleted it. I don't think he'd answer. :D

OzAlphaWolf, I’m in UAE and asking my contacts to make enquiries. 

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1 hour ago, Snoopy said:

I know you said 3- 5 years def 4 digits... but let's say I wanted to do a women's shelter and a place where autistic kids and kids with sensory needs could get therapy treatments with horses, a camel, and an alpaca, along with a pet kangaroo to feed - is $800 really possible within 2 to 3 years time, or closer to the 4 to 5? 

Just trying to cash out and do a really good thing to help a bunch of people to name it as a legacy for my brother who died from ALS / Cancer.  

I wouldn't be upset if you said 2 to 3 years either ;)

Wonderful plan. I fully support what you're doing. Mine is to support refugees and asylum seekers so we're on the same side here.

I think the most likely outcome is what we're going to see already. A steadily growing average price with occasional rollercoaster rides. I'll let everyone know more as soon as I can. All I can say right now is maintain your belief in XRP. :) If we do get confirmation, there'd be a chance of a major news story and a subsequent price bump, I believe.

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