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X-Platform Exchanges | Participate Only If You Are a Bitstamp AND a Gatehub user  

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  1. 1. Do you transfer value (XRP, BTC IOU, USD IOU, etc.) from your Bitstamp account to your Gatehub account or vice versa?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. If yes, why?

    • Take advantage of arbitrage opportunities (get the best trading rate at time t)
    • Buy a digital asset / crypto that I cannot buy on one platform (example: LTC not available on Gatehub or DSH not available on Bitstamp)
    • Prefer the user experience / trading client interface from one platform
    • Need high liquidity from one platform to buy/ sell large quantity of stocks
    • Get the best fees from one platform when buying or selling
    • Other

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10 minutes ago, ErikNL said:

How long does it take to transfer XRP from Gatehub to Bitstamp? Since it takes weeks to receive a transfer in ETH from another exchange to Gatehub, it scares me to transfer anything from Gatehub atm... 

It takes less than a minute. At worst 2 minutes (if you want to transfer XRP from one exchange to another (from gatehub to bitstamp or vice versa))

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