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Brand new reliable Ripple/ XRP dedicated website


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Out of frustration of the lack of a professionally built website dedicated to accurately showing ripple investors the price of XRP in various fiat, and cryptocurrencies, as well as key and up to date info, I created one that did just that in a highly professional manner.
Please have a look, honest feedback would be very much appreciated :) Ripple is bound to succeed! :heart:

Site link: rippleprices.net



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It does but I'm not sure how as it's trademarked. There could be a number of reasons. Perhaps they got written approval from Ripple.

Read this for more information : https://ripple.com/brand-policy/

Scroll down to 'Unauthorized use of Ripple brand assets'.

My message was just a heads-up incase you're not familiar with trademark protection. You could always send Ripple an email to info@ripple.com just to get it in writing that your use is okay and they'll advise any changes or disclaimers you need to make on the site. Put "Trademark use enquiry" in the subject line so it goes to the right department. 



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