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New strategic Partner??

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everis are proud to be partners of Ripple and to be contributing to the Java implementation of the Interledger (ILP) protocol. This is the protocol that allows both blockchain to blockchain and non- DLT ledgers interoperability - This protocol will enable all types of ledgers to seamlessly transact with one another, removing friction from financial transactions.


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We are in Tokyo today for Ripple's Interledger Workshop! Enrique Arizon Benito and Morjan ALEM are discussing how, for the last 18 months, everis and NTT DATA, have been developing alongside Ripple the Java extension of the original Protocol ILP, now accepted by Hyperledger as QuILT project.


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Was just going to make a post about this. Came across the company while looking at #internetofvalue on Twitter. 

Came across this tweet apparently during one of everis's consulting sessions.. 


Anyone recognize the back of anyone's head? Lol. Nice to see the guy taking a picture of the graphic on his phone. 

They seem to have a huge reach with over 19,000 professionals throughout the world and over $1 billion in revenue. NTT Data group is the 6th largest IT services company in the world according to their website. 

As far as blockchain in banking goes... They only work with Ripple and Hyperledger. Also, according to their press release from November, they also have joined R3's Corda partner network. They were also at Sibos this past fall discussing Ripple and the ILP/Quilt project. 

I hadn't read this press release before but find it interesting so I'll post it ..


This quote from the above link is literally exactly what Ripple's newest insights post states:

"However, some in the banking community are not looking at the profound changes Blockchain will bring, and how the adoption of some of these exciting technologies could bring potentially great opportunities to those who adopt it. Those who sit on the fence of change may confine their future history aligned to those like Kodak, Nokia, Blockbuster and other organisations who ignored the obvious changes happening to the fundamental business structures they were comfortable with."

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