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TOAST wallet and TXID


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Is there anyway of showing the TXID and amount shown on the same view within Toast Wallet?

I'm having a battle with Binance regarding a deposit into the exchange. They sent me this message earlier:

"Hi , the video of your withdrawal record from the sender platform is very important , you neednot show us your password , but we need to confirm this balance is belong to yours , so you should provide us the login and withdrawal record from the sender platform , and the video should also include the txid and amount , please reload a new video to us 
thanks for your support !|"

I have sent them a video of Toast. I have even clicked in the transaction and gone into the DPC tool during a short video and they are still not happy.

I'm I missing something?

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 I'm having the same problem with Binance confirming a transaction. I sent them 2 videos showing the hash ID number and information from my toast wallet. i can't seem to find the TXID they're talking about. how did you provide proof? I'm annoyed with their customer service. 

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TXID is transaction hash. When you tap a transaction in Toast it takes you to a ripple.com URL. That page hash your transaction hash on it.

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Wow, Binance turns out to be the crapper.  I lost 2257 XLM sending them to Binance in two transactions, the first for 257 XLM and the 2nd for 2000 XLM.  After three months of arguing and complaining to them for their lack of assistance to understand their demand, I finally received 257 XLM and they said I will get the remaining 2000 but it will take "time and be patient".   

I took videos of me logging into my personal Wallet, without showing password, and made sure they saw my Face, and my Name at the top of the Wallet, the Hash Tag and Message in full screen shot, all as I spoke to them and explained the situation for the hundredth time.  I did not show my Passport or Drivers License but scolded them in one or two emails for not requesting either since showing proof of "who I am" was supposed to be the key here.  I think they're full of crap and lying; suspect they lost a huge wad of cryptos and are taking their sweet time in coughing up reimbursements to customers.  I complained to them also of their stupid form letter that is difficult to understand, a sure sign of inefficiency or intentionally made difficult so many customers would not complete the struggle to get the lost currency returned.  It's all very psychologically planned out - with millions of customers can you imagine the amount of so-called "lost cryptos" there are pooling up on their side of the fence.

Anyway, I suggest you make some noise.  I received 257 XLM only this week after three months because I refused to let up; must exchanged about 30 emails.  I reached a frustration point where I was borderline threatening them, even said they would be hearing from me to my dying day and one day before I die will come down to their office blah blah blah - totally lost it.   I was particularly upset because the transaction of 2000 XLM I had sent them had everything properly done, Address, Message - all done correctly.

One other thing - once I realized my cryptos were lost and wrote them about it, all my communications were on a new computer I recently purchased which is a professional model and superfast.  I never mentioned this to Binance, but always felt the "new computer" may have been a problem.  I recall on many other occasions in the past when I was trading cryptos from a different computer the Exchange site would make note of it on my screen and while it did not impede trades, had I made a mistake and lost cryptos they may have considered that I may be someone else with my stolen name and password, etc.

Keep fighting for your money, and show everything on the screen and your face and explain everything as you video record.

I promised them I would never ever use their damn Exchange again, no matter what.  And that's a promise. 

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