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XRP transfer to Poloniex "Pending" for 10 days


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A friend of mine sent me some XRP from Bitstamp to Poloniex 10 days ago.
Transfer still shows as "Pending" even though on his Bitstamp account it clearly says "Finished".
I have contacted their support few days ago, but in the meantime, has anyone had similar problems?

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i had the same problem couple months ago, you cannot do anything than just wait. i submitted a few ticket, and they replied only wait. even now my problem was solved they still didn’t update the ticket status, worst support ever.

**for me, wait for 14 day to update XRP balance. it’s Poloniex’s hot wallet issue

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Can polo recieve crypto from contracts? Hitbtc specifically saus they cannot recieve crypto from contract. I didnt now What it meant ans sent Some ETH directly from my bitstampaccount. But ofcourse, it was lost for a few days. After my supportticket they explained that crypto on bitstamp is on a contract. ETH was found again... Dont know why they Just cant explain it beter on their site though.

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