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Wrong Destintation Tag


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31 minutes ago, vikasinani said:


I have transfer 500 XRP on 9th Feb. 2018 to my one account to another account. But i mention wrong destination Tag, so i have not received the same in my account.

Please advice me for how i get back my XRP.

A destination tag is a way to identify who owns what funds in a group wallet.  I presume you were sending to an exchange.  You must contact that recipient exchange and advise the amount, the incorrect tag used, the date and time, and then finally demonstrated that it was truly an error.

Some people have had success recovering funds on some exchanges but it is not a fast process and it is certainly not guaranteed.  The exchange can just say bad luck.  But generally I think there is some hope,

I do hope you get it sorted.

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I did the same mistake with 500xrp on changelly. I entered 5 numbers instead of 6 for the destination tag. Basically they said I was screwed cause it went into another account. Lost my xrp. I could see it maybe happening if I entered 6 numbers. My gut says changelly got the XRP because every other numbers with transaction was correct

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