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XRP difference in Buy and Sell value on Gatehub


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I am using Gatehub.

If I exchange 1000 XRP right now, it is worth $744.

If I want to exchange that $744, I only get 902 Ripple.

This means a difference of 88 XRP which is a lot of "commission" !!

Is this normal??? Very hard to trade with such a high take from Gatehub. Or is this purely related to the sell values that other traders are setting?

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There is a gigantic spread in the order books accessible from GateHub, please do not use them, you will get inferior prices in both directions.

You can either issue a trade order for a fair price and wait for it to fill (which might take a very long time), or move your funds to an exchange that has better liquidity, such as Bitstamp, Bittrex or Binance, there you will get reasonable spreads and fees.

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4 hours ago, Chappy said:

thanks Corak, understood. I will definitely rather use the Trade function instead of Exchange from now on if I remain with Gatehub.

I am in South Africa, so my options for exchanges are limited.

Why not use local exchanges, like altcoin trader?

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