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Binance Down for Unknown Reasons


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Apparently, it went down about 5-7 hrs ago. I've read varying accounts. It's 10:22 on West Coast now. Can't login and no announcement from Binance. I've been trying to get my assets off the exchange for a week now and they have had multiple glitches in their SMS authentication programming which prevents the move. Now they are down. FYI

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17 hours ago, LamboToTheMoon said:

Compared to some of the cowboy outfits out there, Binance is quite professional. I am not unduly worried.

I completely agree here.   Compared to Poloniex and others Binance is at the top of the list for me in terms of speed to get things sorted.  This must have been a major headache for them and no doubt like all exchanges they are having growing pains, but I am not worried about them going and fleecing folks.

I have had many interactions with their support over quite a period and compared to other exchanges it is by far the best for me.

Tagging @Wizann so you see the URL I put above.



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