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Ukrainian exchange Kuna.io lists XRP for trading


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The guy, who owns this exchange, built the bitcoin embassy in Kyiv. 

He was always vehemently against Ripple, but now it's a "special case" (whatever that may be). 

I have no information if they are xRapid-enabled. 

Kinda bummed, Ripple didn't retweet the announcements. 


P.S. Most bank transactions in Ukraine settle within 24h. But for prevailing majority of cases it is pretty much instant. 

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44 minutes ago, WillGetThere said:

@zerpdigger you can say "proceed with caution!" literally to anything crypto related. 

One more exchage with possibility to get into XRP directly with fiat. Ukraine is not a small country from what Google says. 

So good news as for me...

point taken, fair enough

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