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Debit Card & Exchanges that use them


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Hey guys, 

I've been getting my FIAT on BITSTAMP using a credit card and then paying it off in person at the bank at the end of the same day.  Virgin have now apparently 'banned' Crypto purchases, which means I am not able to do this any more.   I have looked around and BITSTAMP are one exchange that claims they all debit card purchases of Crypto, but whenever I try I get a 'card declined / contact provider' message even though funds are available to use.  

Does anyone know of any exchanges which will work with debit cards?  I am registered/verified on Kraken, Bitstamp & Poloniex currently.   


Thanks, apologies for the a topic already covered.  

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I recently joined Uphold for this and am very impressed so far. Registration and verification took under 15 min, customer support replied to my queries within 48 hours, credit/debit card deposits take seconds, and you can trade between real fiat currencies (not tether) and even precious metals, however the number of cryptos is limited and you will have to transfer to another exchange to buy xrp (they are adding xrp at some point in the near future). Fees are a little on the high side but I'm happy to pay a small premium to receive a higher quality service.

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