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Ripple Wallet (ready for web&mobile)


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forked from ripplerm's ripple wallet:https://github.com/ripplerm/ripple-wallet

redesigned for a better UI and mobile app( use phonegap)

web: https://yxxyun.github.io/


phonegap build mobile app: https://build.phonegap.com/apps/2217829/share  (iOS build failed because must provide a signing key) .

everyone can use phonegap online build tool import the code and  build your own app.

a nice icon design is welcome.

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9 hours ago, GreatValue said:

Nice! I'll try it today :)

Ok guys I had time to test it shortly on a online APK running System.


I have a link so everybody can test it by yourself: https://appetize.io/app/zmjph89b9f7rk8dynjjtdwkdxw


But I'm not sure how long it will be available and i don't think it is safe to log in like this.

If the link is down just PM me or upload it by yourself again

First look and funktions have fun! :D


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