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At the end of the day

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5 minutes ago, MooseInTime said:

I see this turning of the tide as typical of the 90s dot com bubble

  • BTC = The market leading search engine, Yahoo
  • XRP = That (then) little known search engine called Google.

We know how that one turned out. Stay hodling.

[PS I'm aware of the irony that Brad is ex-Yahoo in this, but the fundamentals are there]

I soooo hope you're right! HODL!

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11 minutes ago, MooseInTime said:

Early naughties actually when it burst... but point remains, from every burst bubble rises a few stars (Amazon, Google, eBay etc)

I stumbled upon this thread when I was feeling a bit mischievous and googled "early naughties bursting"

.... disappointed to say the least.


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